The Importance of Disclosure in Sponsored Posts


Where’s the first place you go when you plan to buy a new product? For me, in most cases, it’s Amazon. I do so for two reasons. The first is price. The second is reviews by “real users.” I want to read unbiased opinions on the product before I buy it, and Amazon seems to be a great place to find such reviews.

I also do Google searches to learn more about the pros and cons of various products because many times blog posts go into more depth about the product. But there’s something fishy about some of those blog posts and that is that they seem too rosy.

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How to Create a Workflow for Your Blog

iBlog-create workflow

Workflows are simply processes that you create that indicate a specific way of doing something over and over again. While there is no way to completely take the work out of blogging (unless you just pay someone to do 100% of it for you), a good workflow for your blog will save you time, help you to blog more consistently, and improve the quality of your blog posts.

Use the sample eight-step workflow below as inspiration for your own blogging workflow.

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LinkedIn’s New Greatest (Hidden) Treasure

Dive Deep for Valuable Insights
iBlog-Linkedin treasure

Much like a sunken ship, LinkedIn also has a massive buried treasure deep within the dark hulk of its many-leveled platform. And unlike any gold or jewels that remain jealously guarded by a gigantic fish, I can show you exactly where to go and how to find this LinkedIn treasure.

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Why it Pays to Run Your Business with Honesty


It may seem like a no brainer to run your business with honesty. After all, other than criminals and other “lowlifes” who wants to  run a business in a dishonest manner?

Unfortunately, when you look at honesty on multiple levels, many business owners are prone to dishonesty on one level or another.

To understand this more completely, let’s break honesty into two different main categories:

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Pinterest Game Changer

Tips for adapting to the new
iBlog-Pinterest Game Changer

Whether you’re browsing for tonight’s dinner on your iPhone Pinterest app or planning for a kitchen remodel on your laptop, the pins you see on your feed may have changed quite a bit. And unless you obsess over Pinterest like we do, you probably didn’t detect anything different.

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Why Brands Should Embrace Indie Bloggers

iBlog-indie bloggers

“Indie bloggers are like loose cannons.” Some brands may feel that way when people who have no official affiliation with their company — and who the company doesn’t control in any way — start a blog about the brand.

The fear, of course is based on the fact that apart from taking legal action, the company indeed can’t control the blogger in any way; and except for the most egregious cases, legal action would be unlikely.

In spite of the fears that brands may have, here are three reasons why brands should embrace indie bloggers.

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Keys to Developing Strategic Partnerships in Your Business

iBlog-strategic partnerships

If you’re a solopreneur or a business owner with a very small team, you may feel that you’re in it all alone. While running a business on your own has some advantages, in most cases you’ll go further faster if you develop strategic partnerships in your business.

They key word in the above sentence is “strategic” because a partnership that isn’t strategic can be at best a waste of time and at worst a nightmare.

I’ve experienced both sides of the partnership coin, and through it all learned the following about developing strategic partnerships.

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